Enjoy Humanely Raised Beef

Call us about beef delivery services from Yoder, WY

Case Custom Meats offers fresh beef for sale from Yoder, WY. We put special care and attention into our cattle, making sure every animal is happy and healthy.

Our cows are rotated through 275 acres of pasture during the growing season and are moved to the cropland for cleanup after the harvest. We supply our cattle with alfalfa hay and grass hay to supplement their diet through the winter.

If you want delicious beef delivered to your door, ask us about our beef delivery services. Call today at 307-286-1626 to learn more about our beef for sale.

How we raise happy and healthy cattle

At Case Custom Meats, we make the effort to grow happy and healthy cattle. Our herd has five Angus Cross cows and one Jersey cow. Our cows are artificially inseminated. We selectively choose high performing bulls known to produce top-quality meat.

Once our cows give birth, we pursue the following humane process of cattle rearing:

  • Calves are born February through March every year. They're left with the cow for eight months before they're weaned.
  • During the weaning time, the calves are put in a pen with free-choice hay, and the cows are put back out to pasture.
  • Once the calves are fully weaned, they're also placed in the pasture. Around 15 months, they are placed in large grass paddocks.
  • For the last 90 to 120 days before harvest, the calves' diet is supplemented with ground corn.

We offer the beef for sale once it is humanely processed. Our beef delivery service is free to those living within a 160-mile radius of Yoder, WY. Reach out to us right away to place your order.